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Welcome Anna F - BEAUTIES OF 5 CONTINENTS Ambassador video!

Anna was born in Lviv, Ukraine and moved to Canada at young age. Born and raised in family composed of a teacher, her father, and a doctor, her mother. Her parents instilled Anna with kindness towards others, and the importance of providing care to those in need.

Her goal is to improve life for those who are suffering. She was deeply touched by the atmosphere in the hospital where her mother worked, and witnessed excruciating pain and sadness in patient’s eyes. Thus, Anna proactively dedicated her free time to volunteer in the Mount Sinai hospital to support those who are in need.

Anna describes herself as a confident, graceful, charismatic, and optimistic person who values peace, justice, and equality. She is passionate about dance and believes that dance is the hidden language of the soul.

She sees herself as a future leader who strives to bring change into people’s lives.

She wants to combine creative and inspirational work with ingenuity and inventiveness. Pursue a career in medicine and host her own TV show where she will share her knowledge with the audience.

If she wins, she will spend her time focusing on social causes to benefit the society.

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