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Welcome Ciara T - BEAUTIES OF 5 CONTINENTS Ambassador video!

Ciara was raised in a small town called Huntsville, in Ontario. She studied at Nipissing University, and has obtained a degree in Sociology, Minoring in Fine Arts. Her passions include acting, painting, drawing, raising awareness of the stigma surrounding mental health, helping children in need, as well as travelling. Ciara’s love for children and interest in mental health has lead to her desire to become a behavioural therapist for children in her very bright future.

As a teen, Ciara spent much of her time acting in both school plays and plays held in her community. She has also worked under a prestigious agency in Toronto, even landing small parts in film and television. As a child, Ciara was severely bullied, and was able to use acting as an outlet to express herself and her emotions.

As a result of bullying, Ciara was subjected to years of low self-esteem, and battled severe depression and anxiety. However, after years of practicing a positive outlook, Ciara has flourished and has been able to become a confident and determined young woman. Her goal in this pageant is to show individuals that no matter what you’ve been through, you can always follow your dreams.