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Mandatory Competition. The winner of this award is a Contestant with the highest number of votes on & MISS 5 CONTINENTS’ Facebook page combined. The winner will be announced at the Crowning Gala. Participation in the People’s Choice Award is an excellent opportunity to get recognized and to market yourself. The Winner gets a Crown and a Sash. Requirements: 1) high resolution head shot, 2) biography strictly not to exceed 200 words, no exceptions, 3) introductory video of up to 2 minutes (give your name, city, pertinent details about yourself, why you decided to enter BEAUTIES OF 5 CONTINENTS™ and your plans for the future). Make sure the video is in HD quality (720x1080 resolution), with good lighting, without any background noises. Video must be uploaded in the BEAUTIES OF 5 CONTINENTS™ YouTube Channel. Further details to access BEAUTIES OF 5 CONTINENTS™ YouTube channel will be provided. When everything is ready, please send your headshot, biography and the YouTube link to Note that your contestant biography will be used on the roster, in our publications and press releases, so again, make sure that it is well-written. After you submit your biography, photo and video, no changes will be permitted. Be reminded that the competition for the People’s Choice Award is independent from the competition for the BEAUTIES OF 5 CONTINENTS™ 2016 title – that is, the winner of the award will not have a corresponding score counted toward her overall pageant tally.

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