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SPECIAL AWARDS: Miss Photogenic Awards

Mandatory Competition.

Contestants shall submit 6 high-resolution photos on the first day of the pageant week on DVD. Please do not submit photos on USB flash drives or memory sticks, otherwise they will remain in property of BEAUTIES OF 5 CONTINENTS™.

Photo-shoot requirements: 6 high resolution photos, contestant must wear the B5C sash (photos without Sash will be disqualified). Being creative, stylish, nice makeup and hair, proper lighting and background is key to success! You can have your photo-shoot sponsored.

Most of the past years contestants had their photos taken at no charge as the photographers get powerful exposure. Photographers can have their credit at the right bottom corner of the picture per B5C photo standard.

These pictures will be used for media publications, press releases, marketing, personal page on the BEAUTIES OF 5 CONTINENTS™ website.

The photos will be judged on clarity and quality of photo (not print), personality, grooming and fashion sense, the contestant’s photogenic potential and ability.

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