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Brampton, Ontario, Canada





Acting, Modeling

Sherrica is a vibrant, charitable and ambitious woman which makes her the perfect candidate for beauties of 5 continents. Both of her parents were born on the island of Jamaica which has strongly influenced her lifestyle. She was raised by a single mother who always taught her the skies the limit in everything she does. Her hobbies include modelling, cooking, writing poetry, and having stimulating conversation to broaden her horizons by being exposed to multiple perspectives of pressing topics.

Sherrica is looking to finish her BA in psychology degree by April. Afterwards, her goals include getting her masters in counselling psychology where she will be able to use her skills to help abused women and children unlock their fullest potential. She hopes to one day start a nonprofit organization that provides free group and One on one counselling in her parents home country, Jamaica. She believes Jamaica, as well as many other developing countries, currently have a subpar approach to mental health issues that she hopes to change in a big way. 


Sherrica is passionate about spreading knowledge of issues facing marginalized groups, specifically those who are aboriginal, black or LGBTQ and how  we can work together to create an equitable environment that everyone can feel cared for and accepted. Sherrica joined Beauties of 5 continents because it will give her the tools she needs to catalyze her career and the notoriety she needs to travel the world experiencing different cultures while influencing as many people as she can to chase their dreams too no matter what the world tells them and how important it is to always spread love and positivity

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