Meely K - Thailand

Meely K - Thailand

Country: Thailand

Hometown: Chiangmai

Ethnicity: Thai

​Height: 5' 7" 
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark

Talent: Model, Dance, Blogger, Makeup artist


Meely was born in Bangkok. Her family moved to Chiangmai at the North of Thailand when she was nine years old. Her father is Chinese and her mother is Thai. Growing in international family she learned Chinese Mandarin too. Nowadays she can read and write on this language.

Meely has a bachelor degree in Business English and English for Tourism Industry gained on the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science in the Chiang Mai Rajabhat University.

The best experienced in her life she had working with Thai cooking school. She met a lot of foreigners who where coming to Chiangmai and choosing Thai tradition cuisine to taste. It also helped her to improve some English skilles.

Later she started her business with plastic surgery clinic. She worked with one plastic surgeon from Thailand and one Korean

plastic surgeon. She works with Mew clinic nowadays.

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