Katie N - Russia

Katie N - Russia

Country: Canada, Edmonton 

Hometown: Perm, Russia 

Ethnicity: Caucasian 

Height:  5’8.5” 

Hair Color: Blonde 

Eye Color: Brown 

Talent: Modelling, Russian Folk Dance 


Katie was born in Russia. With a dream and an entrepreneurial spirit, she moved to Canada on her own at the age of 18 with $300 in her pocket. As an international student she conquered many obstacles.  With language and culture hurdles behind her, she maintains a can-do attitude and a strong indomitable spirit. Katie is an advocate for empowering women and lives to raise the spirits of those around her. 


A love of dance and Russian culture led to representing her home country at regional festivals for many years; giving others the opportunity to embrace and appreciate Russian heritage. She has been modelling since 2016 attended runway shows, published in numerous magazines representing brands like Schwarzkopf, Moroccan Oil, Kevin Murphy. She is a passionate leader in the sales and marketing industries where she successfully managed and grew multimillion dollar sales territories.


Her humble nature has driven her to support and volunteer for many non-profit organizations. She intends to use this platform to encourage and motivate women in all facets of life to never surrender, always get back up and believe in oneself to create a life of balanced abundance. 


Generous and determined, Katie has always taken the high road and chosen to do what is right over what is easy.  She is guided by her own moral strength, and is the embodiment of thoughtfulness, tenacity and intense positivity in her social circles.  She loves the life she has created for herself with her family and seeks to build a world without poverty in the years to come! 

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