Julia B - UK

Julia B - UK

Country: UK

Hometown: Wymondham, Norfolk, UK

Ethnicity: British

​Height: 5' 5"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

Talent: Modelling (Runway and Photographic)


Julia is an extremely dedicated, passionate and determined individual who strives for excellence in everything she does.  

She is a mother of two beautiful children with many years’ experience of modelling. She was a National Finalist in Top Model and Miss British Isles Elegance. She has walked the runway for different designers and undertaken a huge variety of photographic work. 

She is primarily a qualified lawyer with over 16 years’ experience specialising in the defence of serious crime. She has dealt with many high-profile cases over her career which have reached the National and International press. Recently retraining into the area of Wills and Trusts, Julia has added a different dimension to her legal expertise. 

In addition, she owns Aristopaws, an online boutique focusing on custom made accessories and furniture for cats and dogs. Aristopaws has been featured in many high-end media publications worldwide, including Vogue, and custom products have been designed for celebrities and TV Shows. 

Julia has many passions including travel, art, horse riding, animals and dance. 

Ultimately, Julia aspires to be a role model and inspire women of all ages with her positive attitude, and to prove that even in the face of adversity nothing is impossible.

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