Elena G - Ukraine

Elena G - Ukraine

Country: Ukraine

Hometown: Dnipro, Ukraine

Ethnicity: Ukrainian

​Height: 5.7'
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Brown

Talent: Ice skater, pole sport, acrobatic aerial, rollers skater, engineer, designer, dj


Olena knows 3 languages. She finish school with golden medal in 2006 , and graduated university with red diploma education in 2014 how “mechanical engineer» which means she was an excellent student.

Olena is a professional sportsman in the past: badminton player, light athletes (run 1500m) and master of sport in figure skating with World record in this kind of sport. She is also a professional circus artist who can perform with more then 8 different styles and equipment. She is  a winner of The International European circus festival in 2015 (its the same as Olympic Games in sport). 


Olena is a Fashion designer. She made all costumes on talent shows, Victoria secret and national costumes by her self. 


Nowadays her  job is a coach of ice skating, she also still performs as a skater, dj, ballet dancer, pole sport dancer, actress in films and different tvc advertising projects, artist and professional model.

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