Dionette R - Austrian

Dionette R - Austrian

Country: Austria

Hometown: Colorado Springs

Ethnicity: Austrian

​Height: 5’ 7”
Hair Color: Dirty blonde
Eye Color: Hazel

Talent: Tennis, softball, cooking, modeling.


Dionette “Eva” is a single mother of three children. Her greatest joy in life. As a domestic violence survivor and victor, she is compelled to start a movement for families of domestic violence. “Women are the majority, but domestic violence is something that is also seen with elderly, and men.” She states. It’s her calling to help others overcome this difficult time and see them through.

Growing up with her mom’s parents who are Cuban, and being raised in South Florida, she learned to speak, read, and write Spanish fluently. Eva has a Bachelor of Science. The hospitality industry was the starting point of her work career, working front desk and then moving up to management pretty quickly. After having her children, she went on to work for a law firm and quickly learned how to do paralegal work for personal injury and worker compensation cases.

Her childhood was mainly spent on the tennis courts. From the age of 6, she was already competing in tournaments and even played in some major tournaments like Eddie Herr and the Orange Bowl. She played on her high school tennis team who was ranked 2nd in the state and her and her tennis partner were number 1 in doubles.

Some of Eva’s talents are cooking, interior and clothing design, modeling, most sports, but specifically softball, tennis, and running. Eva takes pride in putting in time doing humanitarian work and has involved her children in her time of service to the community because it is important that they grow up knowing that selflessness, especially when done for others less fortunate, is key to changing this world full of hate.

Participating in a beauty pageant has always been a dream of hers, and sees this as a great opportunity to join her two loves of humanity and modeling together for the benefit of all.

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