Hope L




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Edmonton, Alberta 

Native Asian 




Photography, modeling, Acting

Hope L was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. She was brought into this beautiful world on July 13 1997. She was adopted at a young age by a loving family with open hearts. Hope takes pride in her ethnicity and being Aboriginal. She was always determined to connect with Aboriginal culture from a young age, despite the fact that she grew up in a caucasian family. If we had to describe Hope in three words, it would be passionate, creative and kind. 


Hope is currently upgrading at CHC so she can go to the University of Alberta in the fall for Native Studies. She is passionate about becoming a social worker for aboriginal youth. Hope's dream is to help make sure no child is ripped away from their identity and culture. Not only does Hope wish to become a social worker in the future, she also wants to succeed in becoming a makeup artist for fashion shows and movies. 


At a young age Hope began figure skating and joined synchronized skating a couple years later. Hope is very talented on the ice. She has over 60 medals in her skating career. She went to nationals 3 times in her life. Hope loves to travel with her skating teams. She describes her teammates as her ice family. Being a athlete and competing Hope does a lot of physical activitys to stay strong and healthy. 


BEAUTIES OF 5 CONTINENTS means a lot to Hope because she believes that this opportunity will open a lot of doors for her future. She loves how B5C has already taught her so much. To love yourself and be confident & giving others aspiration to live up to. Beauties of 5 continents is Hopes first pageant. She is determined to reach her goal of proving to herself and others that you can do anything you put your heart into.

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