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5' 7"

Fluent in Romanian, French, English, Spanish and Italian, Fashion design, Pianist, Latin dance, Belly dance

Anca is a 20-year-old born in Targoviste, Romania and raised in Montréal, Canada. She is an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping others in her community and to be an inspiration for everyone.

Anca is currently a student enrolled in a double degree in Law school combined with a Masters in Molecular Biology. Other than studying, she loves to express her creativity by designing clothes in her free time. Anca currently has three ladies wear collections that were presented in two fashion shows that she organized. She gets her inspiration from traveling the world. She has been to more than 10 countries so far and plans to visit new ones in the near future. Anca also gets her inspiration by reading at least 3 books a week. She loves to read about influential individuals who have significantly contributed to humanity.

Anca is passionate about community involvement and humanitarian work. She has worked with organisations such as Pro Bono Students Canada and hospitals like the Montreal General Hospital. Anca is well-known in her community for participating and organizing many volunteering activites. In 2015, she has traveled to Nicaragua where she worked with indigenous communities to build water irrigation basins. In addition, Anca donated the money she was able to raise with her fashion shows to Enfants en Tête, an organization that helps sick children in Montréal.

Anca is a strong and relentless woman who values equality, integrity and tolerance as her three core values. By being a part of this pageant, Anca wants to represent women for what they can be: beautiful and smart. Also, as a delegate, she wishes to empower women through education, justice and knowledge. 

Ultimately, Anca aims to teach the importance of a balanced lifestyle and the impact of spreading happiness in the world.

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